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I do the first comment in this link. I’d been thinking to take part to a Comenius project for many years; but for various reasons I couldn’t take part, mainly because the school where I worked I could not find the right team. Since last year I‘ve been working  to ITCG at Tursi, here I found colleagues willing to open up to Europe and put themselves in  discussion about their work, but unfortunately many of them couldn’t speak English, me too I had some problems; I never had an opportunity to work with foreign people with my English.
During the first meeting in Copenhagen I involved two fellow friends who work in the institute for many years in the drafting of the school newspaper, after talking to them about the project and the opportunity to realize the online magazine and a paper. They have been given their availability, other colleagues were a little skeptical, did not understand what I wanted to do, used to work in the school routine, using traditional methods of teaching.
Despite all these after the meeting in Copenhagen other colleagues have approached to inquire and to the willingness to cooperate.
After this brief introduction, I show my feelings during the first meeting, I must say I was very happy to take part in the Comenius project, I found colleagues prepared and full of enthusiasm, I did not know how to show my enthusiasm, to feel good with them, the opportunity was given to me during the dinner hosted by music teachers in teacher room.
Having known that the Manager could play the guitar, I asked if I could play it, and he friendly allowed me to play.
The first song I played was that of Dean Martin “That’s Amore”,( that I invite you to learn; it’s nice) no one expected my performance, not even my Italian colleagues, who after seeing the pictures later, I saw that they where very surprised.

From the pictures sent, and the video that my Turkish friend did, I saw among the partners a warm emotional involvement, many of them sang with me and I was happy. I’ll do my best next time with you all.

In Italy, for reason of time I do not play the guitar, to do so effectively I need a special atmosphere, and friendly people; that evening the atmosphere was created as by magic; thanks all the partners.
The next meeting, if the European partners would like, I could prepare a repertoire of European songs, and if you will be send them, or put in our webspace; I can learn, and sing with you. (SEND ME OR PUBLISH YOUR COUNTRY’S FAMOUS SONGS IN MOTHER TONGUE; I’LL DO MY BEST TO LEARN THEM)
The next meeting will be inSpain, I know that here they play the guitar very well; despite everything I would like to play with them.

Sending a hug to all European colleagues, and hope of a collaboration between students who can’t participate in the meetings by sending e-mail and our work with this new link WordPress



P.S. As you can see from the link of my school, now in my school and  area many students would like to take past of European Projects.

4 Responses to Italy

  1. Indra says:

    Dear Nico, the evening was really magical, and your playing wonderful, I am sure we all were very happy to be in the same team with you. Thank you very much for being so attractive and creative. Looking forward to meeting you again in Spain,

  2. itcgtursi says:

    thanks for your reply

  3. The days spent in Denmark have been wonderful, personally pocghe in those hours we were together to coprsi, cultural visits and more, they gave me the opportunity to understand much of Europe without frontiers.
    I hope to meet again later.

  4. Dear friends, I hope to meet you soon, it was always a pleasure to work and discuss with you.
    I embrace you all and see you soon.
    Rocco Pontevolpe

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